Sunday, November 17, 2013

Back After a Long Hiatus

Yes, I am back making soap again!  It was a long, hot summer, followed by a move, that left me a bit discombobulated, but I am back and making soap again.  Over the summer, the old apartment was way too hot to contemplate making soap and the AC unit for the apartment was not worth turning on as it did little to nothing to alleviate the heat.  The new apartment actually has cross ventilation, so it should be cooler during the summer.

Anyways, I have an order for four soaps for Christmas, and also am trying to get Yule in order for friends for the season, so I am madly trying to make soaps.  I made one yesterday, which was my first soap in a long time, and all things considered, it came out fairly well.  I used a dupe of Axe Voodoo fragrance and made the white with yellow swirled.

As usual, it thickened faster than I would have liked and by the end, I was dealing with a pudding like consistency of soap, and I did not get quite the shade of yellow that I would have liked. Overall, I am pretty happy with it still, and I hope that the person receiving it will like it as well. 

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