Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Latest Projects

Well, I have been lousy at keeping up with pictures and my blog, but I have actually made a couple soaps in the past week or so.  The first one I made was a request for another Green Tea Lemongrass soap similar to the one I did early on.  It is made with a green tea infusion and dried green tea leaves in the soap along with lemongrass essential oil as a scent.

I was prepared for the fact that the soap would not be pretty as it was setting up this time, so was not terrified by the ugly brown color this time.  I did run into a bit of a problem, however.  I did not do very good with the liner and it folded back into the soap, so it ended up with a nasty chunk out of the top on one side.  Hopefully, the friend that I made the soap for does not mind if some of the soap is not the prettiest.

This is a picture of one of the soaps that had the liner fold back unto the soap.  As I said, not very pretty.

The other soap that I made just a couple days ago was using Northern Pines fragrance (which the friend that I bought it for says, "It smells kind of like Lysol, but I like that.").  I made him some melt and pour soaps with the fragrance before, but wanted to make him some handmade soaps as well, so I did an in the pot swirl.  It came together very easily and I think it came out fairly well except for a little ash on the top.

Hopefully, I will have more soaps forthcoming and it won't be too long between posts!

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  1. Badger, wanted to let you know we've missed you on the forum. Hope all is well with you. Keep making soap!