Monday, May 20, 2013

Bramble Berry Soap Swap Haul!

Well, after several days of not writing, I have two posts in one day.  My package from the Bramble Berry Soap Swap arrived today!  I sent in twelve soaps and received thirteen in return.  It appears that I got my soap in early enough to get one of the bonus soaps made by Anne Marie from her book.  I am happy with my little haul and there is a nice variety of soaps for me to try.

I am particularly fond of the scent of the Arabian Spice scent.  There are also some really nice essential oil blends as well.  The one made by "Dana" has a link on the back to the video showing how it was made.  I haven't watched it yet as I was busy picking up the car and getting groceries today, but I plan on watching it tomorrow most likely.

My only mild disappointment with the swap was that I got two soaps with the same scent and it is not a scent I am particularly fond of (Cherry Blossom).  Overall, I am very happy with the haul and I had fun opening all my little soapy gifts!  I hope that the people who got the soaps that I made are not disappointed with them.  I feel like such an amateur compared to some of the other soaps that I received.  It was nice to see the other wrapping ideas that people had as well.  Overall, I had a great time and learned from things, I think.

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