Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Another Request

I had another request yesterday for a lilac soap with purple and white tiger stripes.  Before I say much more about how the soap went, let me say some things about the significance of this soap and making it yesterday.  My mother died 17 years ago yesterday and lilac was her favorite scent.  My sister suggested the tiger stripes and was the one that gave me this request.  So, this soap is dedicated to my mother.  It is also a gift to my sister as well as her birthday happens to be today (although it is going to take some time for the soap to cure, I hope she will appreciate the sentiment).  The tiger stripe colors were to be done in purple and white for the two colors of lilacs.

All that said, the soap did not come together as nicely as some of my previous soaps and I had some crackle with the titanium dioxide, so my white is not as nice and smooth as it could be.  I soaped at the lower temperature as I had been doing the past few times, but I still came to trace faster then I expected and by the time I started pouring the two colors... well, it wasn't so much pouring the colors as I was scooping them into the mold.

I think it smells wonderful and for all the difficulty I had with getting it together, I actually am pretty pleased with the way it turned out.  The stripes are not as symmetrical or even as some of my other attempts at this swirl, and I think it looks more like a zebra stripe this time around.  I hope that I can get some more lilac fragrance oil in the future and try this again, but for now this is how this one turned out.

Today I worked on my second swap soap, but what I did for it is a secret. Hopefully, it turned out well. Like my first soap for the swap, I will take pictures and save them until after the swap.

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