Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Still Making Soap

Yes, I am still making soap and still here.  Things have been a bit stressed for me lately and I have been struggling with depression some, but I am still here.  I made a couple soaps over the past week, but one of them I didn't post because it is my second swap soap.  I think overall it came out well.  The second soap that I am posting a picture of today is a plain unscented soap.  I had expected it to color morph because the scent has some vanilla in it, but so far there has been no real noticeable change.

This is the first soap since I started making soaps that I did not add any color to, and I specifically didn't add it because I was not sure how dark it would get.  I was a little lighter on the fragrance then I usually would be (I used a bit less then an ounce for 1.25 lbs), because I did not have enough of the fragrance left.  I can still smell the fragrance now, but it is obviously lighter then my other soaps.  This is a good test for me as my brother has specifically asked for lightly scented soaps.  I would like to see how the scent in this holds up over time.

The soap came out fairly nice and  while it looks fairly plain, I love the scent.  When I make the scent again, I will know that I can play more with colors with it and will come up with something a bit more colorful or fitting for the fragrance.  Oh, the fragrance is Bay Rum from Bramble Berry, and I really hope that I can place another order from Bramble Berry in the semi-near future and pick up some of their scents that I really like.

I also have handed out soaps to friends as testers and have gotten some reviews back.  So far, the reviews have been almost all positive.  One person has said that my soap was a little drying to her, but that her skin leans towards dry and to not be too concerned about it.  The other feedback I have gotten has been good and at least one person has said that he would buy my soap.  Another is looking forward to me opening my Etsy shop.  At this point, I am still planning on opening in November.  I will manage to get things together for setting up one way or another.



  1. LOVE IT! Can't wait for the swap! I said I was going to package tonight, I need to make labels, yet here I am looking at soap online :)

    1. I am looking forward to the swap also! I need to make labels sometime soon, so people can see what i mean by not being able to cut a straight line ;-)