Thursday, March 28, 2013

Some Soapy Cheer

Another day and another day of soaping.  I got my delivery of oils yesterday from Wholesale Supplies Plus so I could actually make soap today. I used my normal recipe, but tried a different coloring technique and I think I will go crazy waiting until I can unmold it and see how it came out!  Along with my base oils, I got a fragrance oil of Sage and Cedarwood.  So, today's soap is scented with the new fragrance and I separated the soap batter into three.  One of the batters I left uncolored, while the other two I used green oxide on and made two different shades of green.

Using a funnel, I poured a small amount of each color into my PVC mold.  I first poured the uncolored, then the light green, then the darker green.  I repeated this process over and over again until I had used all the soap.  I had seen this method before on a youtube video, but it the first time that I have tried it.  Tomorrow, after a long day of waiting, I will be able to see how my soap turned out.  Sadly, I likely won't be able to post pictures here until Saturday as I will not be home until late Friday night (technically Saturday morning) because I am visiting some friends.

There are a couple of other things that I would like to bring up in my soaping experiences recently as well.  One of my friends from the Soap Making Forum decided to clear out some of her fragrance oils and she is generously sending the oils that she does not want to me.  So, I am expecting a package from FedEx with this kind gift.  It will be like Christmas to me!

The other thing I wanted to bring up is from another member of the forum offered me a gift certificate for Peak's Candle Supplies.  They are currently having a sale on fragrance oils that are usable in soaps.  I was honored and amazed that I was picked out for this.  I cannot find the words to express how happy I am that I found the forum and the kind people there.

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