Monday, April 15, 2013

Another Adventure

After a few days without soaping and feeling the desire to make soap grow on me, I finally broke down yesterday afternoon and made some soap using my rubber gloves that are a bit to small for me.  Things actually were going really well for me and I thought I was going to make it through my soaping for the day without an adventure in the process, but it didn't quite happen that way.

Before I start this, let me tell you a couple things.  I spend Sunday through Wednesday evenings in an online game which involves getting together with another 23 like-minded people and fighting big nasty monsters on a computer screen.  This keeps me entertained and distracted those evenings.  Days when I don't do that and don't have other things to do,  I consider my busy soaping days.  When I ran out of gloves on Thursday, this left me the rest of the weekend with no soap to make.  Let's just say that I was feeling a little grumpy about going those days without being able to make any soap.

So, I finally decide that I am going to make my soap and I have plans that evening, so I can't take too long in making it.  I was not planning on anything too complicated, so this seemed like it was a great plan.  My partner was in bed, so I took my iPod and even was able to listen to some music as I made my soap.  Now, I have my nice new mold that needs to be lined before I can pour the soap into it, but I usually have plenty of time between when I pour my lye and when I actually start mixing the soap.  I basically said to myself that I could line the mold after I had the lye and oils measured, but before I mixed it.  There was time in between to wait as the lye had to cool.

Well, as you may have guessed, I measured everything out, then got my fragrance oil ready, and made sure my colorant was ready.  Now at this time, I started asking myself what it was that I had forgotten, but I rechecked to make sure I had measured out all the oils and lye and water correctly and had my color and fragrance ready for mixing.  I even did dishes while I was waiting for things to cool, because I had plenty of time.  Then I began mixing my soap, and it was not until I had the green color that I wanted and was saying to myself that it was nice to actually get to this point and not have my soap be too thick when it dawned on me that the mold was still not lined.

So, I grabbed my parchment paper and tried to rapidly get it to line the mold the way I like.  Well, it is a new mold, and my gloves didn't fit right and quick was not happening.  I ended up ripping off the gloves and folding the paper without the gloves on and then quickly moving back to my now thick soap.  I stirred it all up again, and then did my pouring and in the pot swirl and then poured it into the mold.  

Anyways, the soap is none the worse for the wear and I am actually pretty happy with the result.  Oh, this is scented with Lemongrass and Sage fragrance oil from Peaks.  I used Woodland Green Oxide from Wholesale Supplies Plus for the color.

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