Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Future Planning...

Well, I can't plan too far in the future because my life is hectic and next week is likely going to be busy, but I will mention a couple of plans that I have in the works for this week.  I have a package due to arrive tomorrow with my fragrance oils from Peak Candle Supplies and I have plans for a couple of the fragrances that I have ordered for there.  One of them will be something that I make sometime this weekend. 

The actual plans for what I am doing is kind of a secret as it is for the Soap Making Forum's monthly challenge and I would rather not give away what my plans are before I unveil my creation to them.  That said the theme for this month's challenge is "Locale."  I thought of a few different soaps that I could do, including some that would be inspired by various local sports teams that might be popular in the area (there are a lot of people in New England that are pretty rabid about their sports teams).  I actually picked something from the town next door to me as my inspiration and I will of course give the details on it when I post pictures.

The second soap plan for this weekend will be my first large batch of soap and unless some miracle happens and the soap mold I ordered yesterday from Etsy arrives very quickly, I will be making it using a cardboard box as a mold.  I only hope that things work out as planned and that I can cut the soap in at least somewhat straight lines after (not likely, but it is something I hope for).  This soap will be a Cranberry Fig scented soap and will be going to the Bramble Berry Soap Swap.  I plan to make this batch with an in the pot swirl using Queen Kathryn mica from TKB Trading and chromium green oxide.

I will likely try to get in a third soap over the weekend, but I am not sure what the third one will be yet.  I have some wonderful fragrances arriving tomorrow, but I have not made plans for all of them yet.  Then there is the fact that I have plans for some of them, but I do not have the colors yet to carry out my carefully laid plans.  One of these days, I might have money again, but it is not happening any time soon.

This leads me into the last thing that I have been thinking a lot about which is the fact that I would like to eventually open a business to sell my soaps.  I do not plan to have a huge business or make a lot of money or anything, but if I could make enough to pay for some of the expense of making the soap that I enjoy creating, I would be happy.  I have been trying to come up with business names that would fit for me, and have a few that I like the sound of, but I have no idea how the laws work for naming businesses and how close the names can be to other business names and such.

The main reason I am concerned about names is that there is a company called "Badger Balm" that sells balms, lip balms, and soaps amongst other things and I know that I would like to have Badger in the name of my company and am not sure if there would be a conflict there.  I do not know how far apart the names need to be in order to please the trademarking industries and everything.  If anyone has more information and would like to share, it would be appreciated.  Thanks and bye for now!


  1. Badger Balm is awesome, but the name of their company, or at least their dba is W.S. Badger. You could call your company Badger Soap and Body, or Honey Badger, and put honey in everything to make it really clever. :D There re variations, and anyway company names are registered through the state, and they are in Vermont. I'm sure MA will give you a license with your name, when you choose it.

    1. I have been thinking Badger Burrow or Badger Creations or something like that as a possibility. I actually did not want honey in it as honey badgers are mainly found in Africa, and I prefer the appearance of American Badgers.

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