Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Any Excuse to Soap...

My partner had surgery yesterday and things all went well for that, but it left me feeling tired and a bit stressed last night.  So, I thought to myself what is the best cure for stress?  Ah, I need to make soap!  (Any excuse is a good excuse in my book).  I did not get a lot of sleep yesterday, but there I was at 10 something at night just starting my soap.  I had measured my water and was just starting on the lye when the dog (my partner's German Shepherd that was very distressed that her person was not there and had not let me walk her or get her off the couch all day) jumped down from the couch.  In fear of an imminent accident, I took off my gloves and took her out to do her business.  We were both happier after that.

So, after my little side trip (I was very happy that I had learned how to turn off the auto shut off on my scale because I would have had to figure out how to pour it back and remeasure it), I finished measuring my lye and I was on my way.  It was only about 10:30 pm, I think... not at all too late to be making soap after I had been up at 5:00 am.  I managed to measure my oils without mishap and put those in the microwave while I played around with the colorants and got the fragrance oil measured out.

I got everything ready and had my brand new mold set aside and lined (it was an adventure just to get the thing lined for the first time.  I looked at some directions on the Soap Making Forum, scratched my head a lot and finally managed to do something that at least worked).  After waiting for a little while for the oils and lye to reach the temperature I like to soap at (generally about 115° F), I poured my lye water into my oils and stick blended very lightly.  I remembered my promise to myself to not over mix and I wanted to try a new design in my pouring.

I got my mixture separated into two containers and mixed some titanium dioxide (white colorant) into one and some red mica into the other.  I mixed the red a little longer then the white as I wasn't happy with the color at first and added a bit more color and blended it again.  I then began pouring the soap batter into the mold and I am not sure if I had a minor disaster or not.  It started to look like the white began separating as I was trying to pour it.  I mixed it again with a spoon, said a silent prayer and kept pouring.  After I mixed it with the spoon, it seemed to behave fine, so I am not exactly sure what happened or it I should be more worried.

Anyways, so far the soap seems to be sitting up fine and I should be able to take it out of its mold in about seven hours or so.  I might be able to take it out a little sooner, but I am not sure yet.  I guess I will see as time goes on.  Anyways, I will post pictures once it is safely (or even not so safely out of the mold) and cut. 

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