Friday, April 26, 2013

Excitement to Disappointment

 Well, I had an interesting soaping experience last night.  I had a soap that did not speed up on me and was actually slow coming to trace.  It was kind of weird having time to work with it.  I was really in a groove and added the fragrance oil to the portion of the batter I wanted it in and it did not accelerate on me.  I then added some black mica and it turned grey, so I added some activated charcoal as well.  I had plenty of time to do all that and things were going great.  I turned around to pour my soap in the mold to find out I had forgotten to line it.

I was able to remedy that situation quick enough, and got the mold lined.  My soap was thickening as I poured it, but it was no worse then some of my others had been.  I figured I would practice another mica swirl on the top and I was very happy with the way it worked.  All things considered, everything came together really well and I was really looking forward to checking out my soap this morning.

The disappointment came when it was time to take it out of the mold and it was still a little warm and soft.  I could not resist taking a peak to see how it looked and was disappointed to see that the black I had worked so hard to get had morphed into a drab olive green on the outside.  This was not a feature to me.  The inside of the soap seems to be a light gray at this point while the outside has remained olive green.  Time will tell if it will stay that way.

Overall, I would say that it was still a successful soaping experience. I would like to know why this soap behaved so differently then my other soaps have. I used my usual recipe and soaped at the same temperature I usually do. I guess I may figure it out eventually, but for now it is a mystery to me.  I may or may not be making another soap tonight.  If not, I will definitely make one tomorrow.


  1. I think it's lovely even if it didn't come out as intended. Green is a lovely compliment for nag champa. This looks great, even if you don't think so!

  2. Wait this isn't the nag champa one is it? Silly Google confusing me when I have more then one window open! regardless of what you scented it with, it's still pretty, so don't be so hard on yourself!

    1. I neglected to mention that I scented it with Black Canyon from Peaks. I meant for it to be black on the bottom and blue on top with a black mica swirl... I might have to get more mica to do more mica swirls, they are fun :-)