Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sun and Sand

I did not manage to post last night, but I did get to cut my soap and get a decent picture of it as well.  One of the things I noticed is that using the wooden mold instead of the PVC pipe that my soap was ready sooner and I was able to take it out of the mold and cut at 16 hours instead of 24 or more.  I am enjoying the new mold and cutter that I bought from Etsy and I am happy that I bought it.

The fragrance I used for this soap was Sun and Sand from Essential Depot.  The scent is a bit lemony with hints of what to me smells like a little anise and a sort of sweet scent.  I was not the most fond of the scent in the bottle, but I like it in the soap a bit better and it does fit for the soap that I made.  Two weeks ago there was a challenge on Great Cakes Soapworks blog to make what is called a Tiger stripe or Zebra Stripe swirl.  This involves taking two colors of soap batter and pouring it down the center of the mold in alternating turns.

I did not have my log mold to do the challenge on time, but I really wanted to try my hand at this soap, so I decided I would take the challenge a bit late.  I used my titanium dioxide for a lighter layer and red mica for the other layer which turned out looking kind of orange.  This was perfect, as it was what I had wanted.  I am not sure if as it cures it will turn more red, but we shall see in time.  Anyways, here is the result of my personal challenge soap:

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