Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Ugly Soap

Well, my first soap ever was a disaster (well, it was lye heavy and makes a nice laundry soap, so not a total failure), but since then I have been mostly happy with most of the soaps I have done.  That is until the one I did last night.  It isn't terrible, but it is not what I wanted either.  I was trying to get something that had a sort of camo appearance to it, but with different colors then camouflage usually has.  I wanted a red, brown and green.  The problems I had were that my soap thickened up too much too fast yet again and that the red and brown were too close together in shade, but I wasn't sure how to change it much with the thickness of the batter already.

So, I guess my soap isn't too bad, but to me it is fairly ugly as it is nothing like I envisioned it to be.  It is fairly blocky instead of being as random as I would have wanted it to be.  There is one thing I can say that I love about it though, and that is the scent.  I used Peak's Cinnamon and Balsam and I am in love with it.  I love spicy scents and the hints of a woodsy fragrance in the background just make it more appealing to me.  So, anyways, here is my ugly soap!

In other soaping news, I made my soap for the swap and I am happy with the way it turned out, but I am not going to post pictures until after the swap.  I hope that it holds up well through curing and shipping and all.  I have plans for a second item that I will be making for the swap as well, but I need to wait until some supplies arrive from Wholesale Supplies Plus.  I have one order that I placed with them that should be shipping soon, and another one that is due today.  I need to wait for the one that has yet to ship sadly.

Today's shipment should hold a couple new fragrances, some more titanium dioxide, yellow oxide and ultramarine blue.  I have a plan already for making a soap with the blue today or tonight.  The way it is looking it will be tonight, as I also have to visit my partner in the hospital today and my order just arrived now.  (I was just about to say it hadn't arrived yet and the UPS delivery guy showed up at the door)  I should be back tomorrow to show you something with blue.  It would be nice to have something with a new color!

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