Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mountain Lake Soapy Goodness

Well, after taking a night off from making soap, I came back and had another success.  I ran out of castor oil again, so I made another soap with just olive, coconut and palm oils.  I also think I know part of what my problem is with my soap coming to trace so fast and moving so fast, in general.  I believe that I have been mixing my oil and lye a bit warmer than I should and that it has been causing the acceleration.  Last night I specifically mixed cooler and had more time to work on my tiger stripe pattern without rushing through it.

With one issue down, I also wisely had lined my mold the day before so it would be ready for last night.  I was really ready for a change!  I mixed my oils and had my colorants ready, then came and looked through some posts on the Soap Making Forum while I was letting things cool off.  I think my only real complaint about how things came together in the actual soap making process was that I was very messy in pouring my soap and got it everywhere.  I managed to get most things cleaned up, but my shiny new mold had not been looking shiny and new anymore!

Anyways, for my soap, I used Mountain Lake fragrance oil from Peak Candle Supply.  For colorants, I used titanium dioxide and cobalt ultramarine.  I did the tiger or zebra stripe pattern again, and I think it was my best attempt at it, even as messy as things were.  I will let you decide though!

I believe the next soap I will have time for will be on Tuesday and it will likely be one of the soaps I send for the swap.  I am likely not going to post pictures of it, but I may find some other things to post pictures of or post about in the meantime.  I know I don't have a huge following or anything, but I was wondering it there are any soaps that anyone who reads this would like me to try or has suggestions for.  I am somewhat limited by finances on some things, but I have most color choices at this point.  As for fragrances, I have some and will see what i can do if there are any special requests!

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