Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Newest Creation

This is the soap that I made on Sunday evening.  It is scented with Drakkar fragrance oil from Bramble Berry.  The fragrance oil is a dupe of a men's cologne (I am not real up on my cologne scents as I don't where them very often).  The soap is colored with Red Oxide pigment and Black Mica.  The red turned out a bit more brownish then I would have liked and the black was more of a grey then black, so I could be happier with the way this turned out.

A few of the other things with it was that the colors blended together a lot more then they have done in the past when I do an in the pot swirl.  I am not sure if some of that was that the colors were too close together in shade or if some of it was using the mica and oxide together may have had a different effect on the way things worked out.  I have another plan in the works that will involve using a mica and an oxide mixed, this time with the oxide being the base color, so I will have to see how it turns out.

I am expecting my fragrance oils from Peak Candle Supplies in the next day or two, and I am excited to be receiving a bunch of new scents from them to play with!  I have a soap for a soap swap through Bramble Berry to make, as well as this month's challenge soap from the forum.  This month's theme is "Locale" and I already have my soap planned for it.  There are some other challenges going on through another blog, and I may also be trying some of those as well. So, it seems that I will be pretty busy for a while!

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